The Chicago Bears newly acquired WR is already in the team's history books

Without taking a single rep for the Chicago Bears, Keenan Allen is already among the top WRs in Bears history.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Though not a team frequently recognized for their historically powerful offenses, the Chicago Bears might be considered one after adding superstar wide receiver Keenan Allen to their offense.

Keenan Allen is already the best wide receiver in Chicago Bears history

Prior to Allen's arrival to the Bears, Johnny Morris (1958-1967) was the team's career leader in receiving yards with 5,059 yards. With Keenan Allen's 10,530 career receiving yards, however, Allen takes the crown with more than double the amount of yards than Morris.

Not only does Allen lead the team in career receiving yards, but he'll also be the current leader in career receiving touchdowns. Prior to Keenan Allen, the Bears' career leader in receiving touchdowns was Ken Kavanaugh (1940-1950) with 50. Allen's current career touchdown number sits at 57. The third and final career stat that Keenan Allen now holds for the Chicago Bears: Receptions. Prior to Allen, legendary running back Walter Payton was the career leader in receptions with 492. With Allen, he clears Payton by almost double with 904 receptions.

When D.J. Moore was traded to the Chicago Bears, there was a belief that the offensive tides could change, and the Bears could be a true force offensively. That wasn't entirely true, but D.J. Moore made watching Bears games bearable for fans.

Keenan Allen, however, is the type of player who will be unreal when paired with Moore. Having a true X receiver like Allen gives Moore the ability to move over the field more.

Not only will that increase Keenan Allen's lead in all reception-based stats, but it could turn the tide on the Chicago Bears being known for their defenses in the past. Now, the Chicago Bears can be known for their high-flying offense. Right? Maybe. It's to be determined, but the pieces in place make for a higher likelihood.

Maybe in a few seasons, there will be fewer players from the 1940s highly ranked in the Chicago Bears' all-time player lists. As for now, Keenan Allen is alone at the top.

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