The Chicago Bears received troubling news regarding the Justin Fields situation

The Chicago Bears are trying to do right by Justin Fields, while also doing what is best for the organization. Fields' rumored trade value has shifted up and down like a rollercoaster over the last month and a half, but now things are not looking good. Recent free agency news has made things even more difficult for Ryan Poles and the Bears.

Chicago Bears, Justin Fields
Chicago Bears, Justin Fields / John Fisher/GettyImages

Today is the first day of the legal tampering period. Free agency is right around the corner on Wednesday. We will receive an abundance of big news on Monday and Tuesday leading up to the official start of the league year. Unfortunately for the Chicago Bears, news broke late on Sunday that does not help Ryan Poles as he tries to trade Justin Fields for the most possible return.

Reports and rumors have been flowing for over a month now on what the possible return could be for Fields. Most believed the return would be a second-round pick plus a late-round pick. Then, a few big names in the national media reported that Fields could net a return of a first-rounder. Now, over the last few weeks, the rumors are that teams are not as interested in Fields as once reported. Kirk Cousins likely hitting free agency is playing a big part in that, but so was the fact that the Broncos released Russell Wilson despite having to carry a large amount of dead cap.

Russell Wilson signing with the Steelers hurts the Chicago Bears

News broke on Sunday that the Steelers are signing Russell Wilson. With Wilson heading to Pittsburgh, that takes one of the front-runners for Justin Fields out of the picture. Pittsburgh and Atlanta have always been at the forefront. However, Atlanta is also heavily favored to land Cousins. If that happens, Fields may not have any trade value.

The Chicago Bears should not give up Fields for nothing. Anything less than a third-round pick seems like throwing him away. The best news for Ryan Poles would be hearing that Cousins is sticking around in Minnesota. However, news also broke on Sunday that he is going to test free agency. That would open the door for Fields to possibly go to Atlanta.

The only other teams that seem to need a quarterback include the Raiders, Commanders, Patriots, Broncos and Vikings. One other possibility that could be a longshot is backing up Geno Smith in Seattle. Outside of the Falcons though, none of these teams seem like a strong possibility of netting higher than a third-round pick. The Commanders own the second-overall pick. The Patriots own the third-overall pick. The Raiders signed Luke Getsy to be their offensive coordinator. I don't see them bringing Fields there for a reunion. Finally, the Broncos seem to be selling and not buying.

Would the Vikings actually consider trading for Fields if they don't retain Cousins? Would Poles ever consider trading Fields within the division? If neither holds true, then could Seattle be that surprise team? Seattle is making a shift after firing Pete Carroll and bringing in Fields to sit behind Geno Smith could be a smart move for the franchise's future. The Browns are another team that intrigues me, but that would be more like the Cowboys trading for Trey Lance knowing Dak Prescott is their QB1.

What is the lowest amount of draft capital you would feel comfortable with receiving for Justin Fields if you were Ryan Poles?

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