The only 6 prospects the Chicago Bears should draft at pick No. 9

The Chicago Bears second first-round pick doesn't have stiff competition; the choice isn't hard

Sep 18, 2021; Gainesville, Florida, USA; Alabama Crimson Tide defensive lineman JC Latham (65)
Sep 18, 2021; Gainesville, Florida, USA; Alabama Crimson Tide defensive lineman JC Latham (65) / Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports
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Chicago Bears target No. 6: Olumuyiwa "Olu" Fashanu, OT

The final prospect the Chicago Bears should consider with the No. 9 pick is the Penn State left tackle, Olumuyiwa "Olu" Fashanu.

Considered one of the best pass-blocking tackles in the 2024 NFL Draft, protecting the future franchise quarterback in Caleb Williams would be worthy of a top 10 pick. Since 2022, Fashanu only allowed one, single quarterback hit.

If the Chicago Bears select Caleb Williams with the No. 1 pick, which appears to be the case, having two studs as offensive tackles would be a great way to add more security for their quarterback.

Standing 6-foot-6 and weighing 312-pounds, Fashanu is actually a bit on the small size. The NFL, and maybe the NBA on the height-end of this, is the only occupation where being 6-foot-6 and weighing 312-pounds makes you slightly smaller. Not only is he a bit lean for his position, but his hands are alarmingly small.

Joe Alt measurements

JC Latham measurements

Olu Fashanu measurements

Height: 6085 (6'8" and 5/8")

Height: 6052 (6'5" and 1/4")

Height: 6060 (6'6")

Weight: 321-pounds

Weight: 342-pounds

Weight: 312-pounds

Hand size: 10"

Hand size: 11" (!!!)

Hand size: 8.5" (!)

Arm length: 34.25"

Arm length: 35.13"

Arm length: 34"

Wing span: 82.75"

Wing span: 84.38"

Wing span: 82.63"

While Fashanu is a bit lean for an offensive tackle, an NFL-level strength and conditioning program could add healthy weight to his frame to make him a truly dominant left tackle in the NFL.

And if the Chicago Bears see Olu Fashanu's name available at No. 9, he should be considered.

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