The perfect scenario for the Chicago Bears to trade up for Marvin Harrison Jr.

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The Chicago Bears have brought in Marvin Harrison Jr for a pre-draft visit this past week. It has brought a ton of rumors surrounding the team trading up from number nine to get Harrison. While that seems like a stretch, considering most see Harrison as the best non-quarterback in the draft and one of the best receiver prospects in recent history, it is possible. 

The Chicago Bears could land Marvin Harrison in the 2024 NFL draft

First, this is going to be a quarterback-heavy draft, and that starts with the Bears at pick one. They are going to take Caleb Williams, which not only pushes Harrison down but also drives up the need for a quarterback with one off of the board. 

All indications are that Washington will take a quarterback at two, which once again will increase demand for teams who want one of their top guys. The good thing about Jayden Daniels, JJ McCarthy, and Drake Maye all being legitimate draft prospects is that if the second pick is not the top player on many teams' boards, there are still two quarterbacks that teams will be valuing. 

The New England Patriots could easily go quarterback as well. In fact, they should. So, we are onto pick four, and Harrison is still around. This is probably when Chicago starts to show interest.

However, there are four quarterbacks that many view highly and three are off of the board. The Cardinals may be trading down, but it very well may be a team desperate to add a quarterback. The draw for a quarterback could be as big, if not more, than Harrison because of the limited resources. 

So, it is not insane that Harrison can fall to five. The Los Angeles Chargers pick fifth, and while they have a huge need at wide receiver, it is also a new head coach and General Manager. There is a good chance that the team wants to trade down and build a stronger roster. This sets up well for the Bears. 

On top of that, this draft is a very interesting scenario where Harrison is elite, but some still have Malik Nabers higher. With Nabers passing the pre-draft tests and Harrison not working out, there is a discussion of momentum pushing Nabers up. 

First, this impacts the Cardinals at four. If they stay, would they take Nabers? Second, it adds a better chance that Nabers gets taken fifth overall, and Harrison falls to six. If Marvin Harrison is there at six, and this was the main player that Bears fans were debating Caleb Williams against, it does seem insane not to make a trade-up. The cost will not be astronomical if they only have to move to five or six. Will the Bears pull this off?

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