5 things to be grateful for on Thanksgiving as a Chicago Bears fan

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In the spirit of Thanksgiving, why not give a little thanks today, even with the Chicago Bears sitting at 3-8? There is always a reason to find the bright side, so what should Bears fans be thankful for right now?

5. The Chicago Bears have two premium draft picks 

If the season ended today, the Chicago Bears would pick first and fourth in the 2024 NFL draft. That alone is something to be thankful for. It looks like Ryan Poles did something right with the Bears last offseason. The trade down from number one overall may have ended up netting the Chicago Bears the first overall pick in the 2024 draft, and the best part is that they did not have to do anything tanking-related to earn that pick. In fact, the Bears won a game, beating the Panthers, and saw their draft position improve. That is a sweet development, no matter the situation. 

When you look at the Carolina Panthers, they are a mess. The quarterback does not look physically capable of making throws needed in the NFL. Their head coach has given up and taken back play-calling duties, and injuries have scattered across their roster. 

The Arizona Cardinals just got Kyler Murray back, and they are 1-1 with their star quarterback. They appear to be set to win a few more games. Then, it is the Giants and Patriots who play each other, pushing one team away from the top pick. Both teams have a better coaching presence than the Panthers and may finish stronger because of that.

The Bears' own first-round pick may get better as well when you consider how they find ways to lose games. They also have the Vikings, Lions, and Browns, who all have winning records. 

At some point, we want the fun to happen in January and February, but the Chicago Bears will be the talk of the draft once again when they have two top ten picks.