5 things to be grateful for on Thanksgiving as a Chicago Bears fan

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4. The Chicago Bears have found some core players

Ryan Poles has made his mistakes, but maybe the best thing he has done is identify them and move on. Chase Claypool is a good example. Also, the Claypool deal did not sway him from going to back to bat. His last two big-name trades have looked much better. D.J. Moore is a hit. He is everything you want from a star receiver who is ascending in the league. 

He is young, he is balling with Justin Fields, and he is signed for the next few years. The Bears also got an extension done with Montez Sweat. Sweat has 11 pressures in three games since being traded, and he has faced some of the best right tackles in the NFL. At both wide receiver and pass rusher the Bears have young players locked down. Those are important positions to have. 

Beyond that, it looks like he got both his tackles figured out. Braxton Jones still has to show a little more, but he looks the part of a starter at left tackle. The right tackle spot is locked down by Darnell Wright, who appears to be a hit. He has had ups and downs as a rookie but has played some fierce competition. 

The Bears have two tackles, a wide receiver, and a pass rush established. They maybe locking down Jaylon Johnson, and if not, they will franchise tag him, keeping him here another year. Those five are nice pieces to build a roster around. You have to be thankful that Ryan Poles was able to bring in these four players over the last two years.