5 things to be grateful for on Thanksgiving as a Chicago Bears fan

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Chicago Bears v Detroit Lions, Justin Fields
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2. The Chicago Bears have given Justin Fields the best support of his career 

Sunday was one of the best games we saw from Justin Fields. Sunday was also the best supporting case we saw from Justin Fields. At the very least, even if Justin Fields fails this year, the Chicago Bears can say that they gave him enough support this year to see what he can do; earlier in the year, that was not the case. 

Now, the Bears' offensive line is better than ever. Teven Jenkins is breaking out, and we already noted that they found their future tackles. With Nate Davis finally healthy, the final six games will be the best this group has been. DJ Moore averages nearly twice as many yards with Fields as he does with Tyson Bagent. 

Darnell Mooney is healthy, Tyler Scott is involved, and Cole Kmet is having a career year. The run game looks better than ever. Justin Fields has not proven enough for the Bears to stick with him yet. However, fans can be thankful that the next six games will tell us everything we need to know.