5 things that are still true despite Chicago Bears win over Carolina Panthers

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Carolina Panthers v Chicago Bears, Hayden Hurst, T.J. Edwards, Jack Sanborn, Kyler Gordon
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2. The Chicago Bears linebackers still struggle in coverage

The Chicago Bears linebackers have serious issues in coverage. When they face any talented back who can catch the ball, they struggle. They are the worst in the NFL against passes to running backs and tight ends. It is bad.

Bryce Young did not throw for 200 yards, but this says more about him and his personnel than the Chicago Bears' coverage abilities. Chuba Hubbard and Miles Sanders combined for four catches for 31 yards, while Hayden Hurst and Tommy Tremble had five catches for 30 yards. 

The reality is that these weapons were not dynamic enough to hurt the Bears, but they were all involved, and all of them had their moments of success. 

Jack Sanborn actually looks better than Tremaine Edmunds, but neither excels in coverage. The Bears signed TJ Edwards to defend these types of passes. He actually has been really good in almost every area besides that.

Just because the hole was not glaring this week and none of them ripped off a 20-yard reception does not mean the issue is fixed. The Lions will test them in a whole new way next week when Jahmyr Gibbs takes on these linebackers.