5 things that are still true despite Chicago Bears win over Carolina Panthers

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1. The Chicago Bears still improved their chances of picking first overall 

This was the ultimate win for the Chicago Bears. Sitting at 2-7, the Bears have two sets of fans. One group wants to win regardless; the other just wants the Bears to lose out the draft as high as possible to help out the future. 

On Thursday, both got their wish. The Chicago Bears won and looked good on defense. Better than that, their chances of picking first overall improved. They have the Panthers pick, and they dropped the Panthers down to 1-8. 

The Arizona Cardinals have not had their bye week, so if they lose this week, they will have one more loss than the Panthers. However, when they get their bye, the teams would be tied, and better than that, the Cardinals have a real chance to win soon. 

The Cardinals are getting Kyler Murray back this week, and he will finish the year as their starter. They have fought in games, and with an upgrade at quarterback, they should sneak into a few. This will propel them over the Panthers, who look like they have no life at all. 

5 things we finally saw in the Bears win over Carolina. 5 things we finally saw in the Bears win over Carolina. dark. Next

The Panthers may win another game, but four wins seems too optimistic. Now, the Bears need to root for the Patriots, Cardinals, and Giants while rooting against the Panthers. This can let them keep winning games on the field and off.