This Caleb Williams update should have Chicago Bears fans excited for Training Camp

Chicago Bears Mandatory Minicamp
Chicago Bears Mandatory Minicamp / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

The Chicago Bears have reached downtime in their schedule, as there is no scheduled activity until Training Camp starts next month.

With rookie mini-camp, OTAs, and veteran mini-camp now in the rearview mirror for the Bears' offseason scheduled, first impressions are being made about rookie quarterback Caleb Williams.

Courtney Cronin of ESPN provided an update on Williams, and among the insight, there was a takeaway that Bears fans should love to see.

The Bears held very little back from their rookie quarterback as he began learning the offense, and his ability to "chunk information, put it into buckets and operate" impressed coach Matt Eberflus throughout the spring. Coaches encouraged Williams to experiment with different throws in OTAs and minicamp to see what windows he could hit while making sure his footwork timed up with when he released the ball

-Courtney Cronin, ESPN

It would seem that the Bears are not coaching the aggression out of Williams. One of the downfalls of the Bears' development of Justin Fields was that last season, it seemed that the team over-corrected with their desire for Fields to limit his turnovers. Fields became timid with his throws, often passing up riskier throws for fear of throwing an interception. That type of mindset leaves points on the field and is one of the biggest reasons why the Bears were one of the lowest-scoring offenses in the league last season.

The biggest mistake that the Bears can make with Williams' development would be to coach the aggression out of the former USC superstar quarterback. Williams has the talent to make plays with his arm that very few quarterbacks do. As he looks to hone that skill at the NFL level, there may be an uptick in interceptions during his rookie season but he will be better because of it.