This Chicago Bears lineman may no longer be the best starting option

Justin Casterline/GettyImages

One of the more disappointing developments of the past two years has been Nate Davis. When the Chicago Bears signed Davis, they were signing one of the better guards on the market. That has not been the case, yet. One of the big reasons the Titans let him walk was because they did not feel that he had the motivation to return from minor injuries in a timely manner. That reputation has followed him to Chicago. 

Davis missed a lot of time in his first season. Some of it was injury-related, some were personal matters. Either way, he missed so much off-season time that it made his transition to a new team much harder than it should have been. He looked lost in the first week of the season, then had to miss time to take care of a family matter. When he came back, he looked rusty, and once he started to play well, he got hurt. It was a bad cycle.

An optimist would say that Davis will be healthy this year, he will be integrated into the offense, and he will be more on the line as he could get cut after the season. Still, we have not seen that come about yet. 

Nate Davis' second-year with the Bears if off to another concerning start.

Davis has missed time during OTAs, and the Bears have started to shuffle things along the line to see what things would look like without Davis. 

They have moved Ryan Bates from center to guard, and they have given Matt Pryor chances as well. Both were added this offseason because of the struggles of Davis during his first year with the team. 

There is a chance that the Bears' best combination this year is Braxton Jones, Teven Jenkins, Coleman Shelton, Ryan Bates, and Darnell Wright. At the least, that could be the most trusted combination.