This Chicago Bears player does not want the team on Hard Knocks

There remains hesistancy from the Bears on appearing in Hard Knocks.

Miami Dolphins v Chicago Bears
Miami Dolphins v Chicago Bears / Jonathan Daniel/GettyImages

Every year, NFL teams get a chance to appear on a documentary TV series called Hard Knocks. Hard Knocks follows an NFL team around during training camp, in hopes of showing the viewers a behind-the-scenes view of an NFL training camp.

Hard Knocks is typically something fans like to see, because of its ability to bring fans the ability to see how an NFL training camp works throughout different teams. While fans enjoy watching the show, not every team is willing to participate. In recent years, the show has struggled to find teams to volunteer, resulting in some teams being featured on the show regardless of their willingness to volunteer.

This year, only a few NFL teams can refuse to feature in Hard Knocks. Teams can decline an invitation if they have had a first-year head coach, made the playoffs in the last two seasons, or appeared on the show within the last 10 years. According to Michael David Smith from NBC Sports, "This year, the Bears, Broncos, and Saints are the three teams that won’t have the option of saying no."

The Chicago Bears on paper seem to be the perfect option for Hard Knocks. They will have a rookie quarterback, an improved roster, and almost an entirely new coaching staff. Getting an inside look at the training camp of this team would certainly spark some interest from fans.

Although some fan interest may be shown, some player interest seems to be non-existent.

Cole Kmet does not want the Chicago Bears on Hard Knocks.

It is fascinating to observe how NFL personnel perceive Hard Knocks versus how NFL fans perceive it. While it can provide fans with an interesting behind-the-scenes look, it may prove to be a distraction for players. Only time will tell which organization will appear on Hard Knocks and how it will be received by both the organization and its fan base.

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