This Chicago Bears player is in elite historical company

Patrick McDermott/GettyImages

The Chicago Bears have to like what they have gotten from D.J. Moore so far. Moore came in and had a career year during his first year with the team. The offense is in a better spot for him to thrive, so it is easy to see this trajectory continuing. 

D.J. Moore has a chance to be a historically known wide receiver with the Chicago Bears

One of the best things about Moore is that while he has a track record of production featuring four, 1,000-yard seasons he is still just 26 years old, and will be 27 next season. Moore has 6,565 yards receiving before his 27th birthday. 

That currently makes him fifth all-time in yards by a 26-year-old. 

The names ahead of him include 

Randy Moss, 8,534

DeAndre Hopkins, 7,430

Mike Evans, 7,260

Larry Fitzgerald, 7,122

And then Moore has 6,921 yards. The two names below him are Julio Jones with 6,295, and Amari Cooper with 6,252. The crazy thing is that Cooper and Moore are the only names that are not essentially locked for the Hall of Fame at this rate. Both of them could make that push, and it shows what kind of territory Moore is in. 

When you look to the age 27 season, you see that Calvin Johnson is at 8,0003 yards, and Antonio Brown is at 7,203. Moore needed just 300 yards to surpass Antonio Brown when they were the same age. 

Fans may not realize this because Moore has not been playing with elite quarterbacks or teams. He does not have the big playoff moments that these other wideouts have. However, his stats to start his career can be put up there next to anyone. After his age-27 season, he will likely remain one of the five highest total yardage receivers. That is a rare company to be involved with.