This Chicago Bears second-year player may already be a lost cause

Ryan Kang/GettyImages

The Chicago Bears drafted Tyler Scott in the fifth round of the 2024 NFL draft, so it is not like there were high expectations for him. Still, he had speed and had a group of draft experts who thought he should have been drafted higher, so there was a bit of hype. 

Is there any hope for Tyler Scott with the Chicago Bears?

Scott was not expected to do much as a rookie but still saw enough chances to show what he could bring. The Bears lost Chase Claypool and Equanimeous St. Brown, which opened the door for playing time. Instead, he struggled to separate from Velus Jones and Trent Taylor for snaps. 

Scott finished the year with 168 receiving yards as a rookie. Most of the time, if a rookie is drafted that late, and becomes something, they are going to show it immediately. Think of Darnell Mooney, who had one of his best years as a rookie. Instead, Scott was bad. 

The list of late-round picks to struggle to record 200 yards receiving as a rookie is ugly. Recent names include Jalen Nailor, Tyler Johnson, Scott Miller, and Deon Cain. The list goes on. Since 2008, the only rookie drafted that late to produce that little as a rookie and still find a successful career is Antonio Brown. However, he averaged 2.95 yards per route run as a rookie, he just joined a team that was loaded at wide receiver when he was drafted. 

For Scott, he is averaging 0.65 yards per route run. So, Brown did not produce as a rookie because he did not get chances, and when he did, he excelled, Scott got chances and was not good. 

Tyler Scott is going to be the fourth receiver at best this year, and that does not count the reality that multiple tight ends and running backs will be pass-catching options ahead of him. Scott has even struggled to find a real role on special teams. 

The odds of him having a real role in 2024 are low. That is two straight years of showing next to no potential. At this point, the odds of Scott becoming a legitimate contributor are low.