This latest 2024 Chicago Bears Mock Draft is perfect

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Round 3, Pick 75: DeWayne Carter, Defensive Tackle, Duke

The Chicago Bears still need to replace Justin Jones. Yes, both Gervon Dexter and Zacch Pickens are going to step into bigger roles next year, but at the same time, they cannot replace all of the snaps that Jones brought them. 

So, while the Bears can afford to replace him with a lesser-valued asset, they still have to replace him at some point. One of the best cases would be seeing DeWayne Carter fall to them in the third round. 

Carter is a highly athletic defensive tackle who can shoot out of his stance and penetrate gaps with ease.

Carter can lack power in some areas and may have a role similar to Gervon Dexter last year, where he mainly plays pass rush downs. Still, if Pickens and Dexter are expected to see more run-defense downs, then this should fit them well. 

This is also what will cause him to fall into this spot. Still, getting the potential and upside of a player similar to Dexter at a later slot in this draft should be looked at as a win. This would be an excellent fit.