Three former players weigh in on the Justin Fields situation

Questions are still being asked about the Justin Fields situation. That is what happens when a team hasn't been able to win and you play arguably the most important position on the team. Well, three former players weighed in on the Justin Fields situation. How would they handle the situation?

Chicago Bears, Justin Fields
Chicago Bears, Justin Fields / David Berding/GettyImages

The Chicago Bears are in a unique situation. They have a quarterback who has shown flashes of elite ability. He also has shown a lack of awareness and an inability to make the easy throws at times. Many fans have already bailed on Justin Fields as the Bears' quarterback of the future, while others blindly defend him. Ryan Poles owns two first-round picks and one is almost guaranteed to be in the top three (Panthers). With the 2024 quarterback class looking great, the Bears need to decide whether they want to keep Fields or draft a new QB.

Well, this week, three former players spoke up about Justin Fields and weighed in on what they would do if they were running the Bears. Two of those players are former wide receivers and the other is a former quarterback who is also a former league MVP.

On Undisputed, Keyshawn Johnson gave his take on how the Chicago Bears should handle the quarterback position going forward.

Johnson talks about how the Chicago Bears should keep Justin Fields and use their first pick (Panthers) on Marvin Harrison, Jr. — even if they have the first-overall pick. He discusses how Fields has had three different coordinators and coaches in the last three years. He talks about how he lacks any wide receivers outside of DJ Moore. He refers to this being Fields' second year more than his third year. Then he talks about how he still has looked great at times despite things being stacked against him.

Johnson believes that if the Chicago Bears land Marvin Harrison, Jr., he and Moore would be enough for Fields to have a great situation. Johnson discusses how situations matter and are important for young quarterbacks. Fields has not had that his first two years in the NFL.

I'm a Justin Fields believer still, but I also will understand that if the team goes in a different direction at head coach, making a quarterback change could easily be part of that decision. I will accept it and move on. However, as much as Keyshawn Johnson is right regarding situations and quarterbacks, I still expected more growth from him this season. That said, two other former players seem to agree with him.

Brandon Marshall and Cam Newton were on NBC Chicago with Laurence Holmes. Marshall said he loves Justin Fields. He said he has it and thinks he's special. Cam Newton called out the coaches and wants to know when we (I'm assuming he's saying players and some in the media) are going to hold coaches accountable. He also said that Fields is good enough to be a dynamic player.


These are not the only former players who have come out and said that Fields does not appear to be the problem. They all see how good Fields can be, yet many fans and anaylsts seem to think the Chicago Bears must move on. I am still on the fence as I like both Caleb Williams and Drake Maye as prospects. However, I'm also still a big believer of Fields. I'm leaning that Fields plus Marvin Harrison and another top-10 prospect is a better option than just a rookie QB and a top-10 prospect though.