This three-round mock draft has the Chicago Bears trading for two top prospects

Ryan Poles made it known that he wants to build through the draft. He doesn't sway from that declaration as the Chicago Bears land two top prospects thanks to a massive trade.

Chicago Bears, Ryan Poles
Chicago Bears, Ryan Poles / Quinn Harris/GettyImages
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The debate about what the Chicago Bears should do at quarterback is going to be the hot topic all offseason. At least until Ryan Poles trades Justin Fields or the first pick in the 2024 NFL Draft. I doubt anything happens before the NFL Combine at the end of the month. This means we will need to continue to bang our heads against the wall as we needlessly fight with one another about what is best for this organization.

I've made it clear that I trust Ryan Poles and his decision-making process, but I'd be amiss to not continue to express my support for Justin Fields. Even though Caleb Williams is a superb draft prospect — one with an exceptionally high ceiling.

One of the main arguments I hear from other Justin Fields supporters is their love affair with Marvin Harrison, Jr. Many would rather see Harrison on the roster than Williams. I know I have him in a tier by himself and find him to be the only generational player in the upcoming draft.

Chad Reuter of recently released a three-round mock draft. Normally, I don't check these out because the Bears don't hold a second-round pick. However, I respect Reuter as a long-time draft analyst and wanted to see what direction he went. Five trades took place in the first round of this mock draft and Chicago was involved with one of them.