This three-round mock draft has the Chicago Bears trading for two top prospects

Ryan Poles made it known that he wants to build through the draft. He doesn't sway from that declaration as the Chicago Bears land two top prospects thanks to a massive trade.

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Bears, Caleb Williams
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The Chicago Bears move on from Justin Fields and draft Caleb Williams

Most rumors surrounding the 2024 NFL Draft have the Chicago Bears selecting Caleb Williams first overall. I have gone from advocating for Justin Fields to stay, to now accepting whatever Ryan Poles decides to do at the quarterback position. I will say that I don't believe that the Bears would ever truly consider drafting Williams and holding onto Fields for the 2024 season. This was something Adam Schefter recently hinted the team was talking about internally.

Chad Reuter said the following about the Bears taking Caleb Williams first overall.

"Williams combination of physical tools and natural feel for the position point to an excellent NFL career. Defensive coordinators will hate that even if they manage to disguise their coverages, Williams will patiently review his options on the move and gain yards as a runner if no targets are available."

Chad Reuter, NFL Draft Analyst

The funny thing here is that what Reuter describes sounds an awful lot like what Justin Fields tends to do already at the NFL level. The difference I think here is that although Williams also likes to hold onto the ball too long at times and often takes the deep shot instead of the easier pass, Williams has other attributes that set him apart. His release is quicker and his arm is slightly stronger. He has better pocket awareness than Fields too. The question is will all of this translate to the NFL level?

The good news here is that his floor has to be no worse than Fields — at least in the passing game. It will be interesting to watch all of this play out, but Fields will have an unfortunate time trying to win in a loaded AFC after Reuter's projected trade.