11 tight ends Chicago Bears may sign in NFL free agency 2023

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Chicago Bears, Eric Tomlinson
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3. Chicago Bears could sign Eric Tomlinson

Eric Tomlinson is the definition of a blocking tight end. He has 1,480 snaps just as a blocker, and that is 78% of his snaps. He only ran a route in 22% of the plays he was on the field in the NFL. If anyone is going to add a blocking dimension and help out Cole Kmet, it is Eric Tomlinson.

You saw that firsthand this season. He stayed in-line, and rookie Greg Dulcich was able to find some explosive passes. Beyond that, Tomlinson played over Albert O, because the team trusted Tomlinson much more.

Tomlinson will be 31 this season, He will be entering his ninth NFL season and would be on his sixth NFL team. He is a journeyman and he has a pretty simple role. Still, the Chicago Bears would love to add a blocking tight end who is trusted as much as him.