Tom Brady offers advice that Caleb Williams must listen to

Adam Glanzman/GettyImages

Caleb Williams is a driven young man. The Chicago Bears’ newly drafted quarterback has been outspoken in his desire to learn the position at the NFL level, and to eventually be a great leader for the Bears. Before the 2024 NFL Draft, Williams appeared on “The Pivot Podcast” and told former NFL safety Ryan Clark that he wanted to play on one team for 20 years. He also stated his intent at chasing “No. 12”, referring to all-time great quarterback Tom Brady, who spent 20 years with the New England Patriots before playing his final three seasons for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Williams is so determined that he even has his goals saved on his phone’s lock screen, which was also shown on the podcast. His top goal was to be the first overall pick in the NFL Draft. Mission Accomplished. His second goal reads “Superbowls x8.” Most rookies are just looking to learn the offensive system in their rookie season and would be thrilled with being named the starter, or maybe making the playoffs. Not Williams, who is already locked in on Brady’s record of seven Super Bowl victories.

So when Brady was asked about Williams’ lofty goals on NFL Network’s “The Insiders”, he gave Williams some of the best advice a rookie can get.

“Everyone’s gonna find different ways for motivation, and that is certainly a way that Caleb can find it," Brady explained on NFL Network. "A lot of people are gonna find different motivations. I found them with the way that I did that were useful to me. I think that there’s a lot that goes into winning one, and you have to set your goals high. I would never tell anyone they can't achieve anything because if you would’ve told me I couldn’t achieve anything, you know that would’ve been discouraging, and I don’t want people to discourage young athletes one bit...

“So I think people should always reach for the stars; certainly young quarterbacks in the league. They’ve got a lot of opportunities, but their career is gonna be made by what they choose to do, the work they put in, and the relationships they develop with their teammates and the organizations that make an impact. They should have high goals, but at the same time, they’re gonna have to work hard to achieve them, and I really look forward to seeing that process unfold. That’s really where the hard part comes for sure.”

It’s both encouraging and exciting to hear the Bears young quarterback express his desire to be an all-time great. Williams definitely has the first step down, which is his mindset. Next comes the work ethic, and if Williams’ work ethic is anything like Brady’s was, Chicago is in for a treat.