The top 5 free agents the Chicago Bears should look to sign this offseason

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Gabe Davis
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No. 3: Gabe Davis Wideout

The Bears have a great option at the number 1 spot with D.J. Moore but he is going to need a playmate or two for this offense to take that next step. With the Bears likely moving on from Darnell Mooney this offseason the need for a number 2 wideout is that much more important.

Even if the Bears draft a wideout in the first round adding Gabe Davis into that room adds a true vertical threat that the Bears hoped Mooney and Scott would be. In three out of his four seasons, Davis has gotten 7 touchdowns and in his second season, he had six. For the last two years, he has hovered around the 750-yard mark.

The soon-to-be 25-year-old could side into the number 2 or 3 spot for the Bears depending on what they do in the draft. Singing him to a 3-year 40 million dollar contract would be a great move by Ryan Poles.