The top 5 free agents the Chicago Bears should look to sign this offseason

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Connor Williams
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No. 1: Connor Williams Center

The Bears need a center more than a fish needs water. The center is one of those positions that seems more overlooked than it really should. Looking at the three out of the four remaining teams still in the NFL playoffs they all seem to have one thing in common, having a top-end center.

The Ravens have Tyler Linderbaum. The Chiefs have Creed Humphrey. The Lions have Frank Ragnow. The 49ers have Jake Brendel who is someone they like but could look to get an upgrade on. The point is that having a good to great center helps out an offense.

Williams is someone most people view as a top-10 center and could step in and be the final piece that truly makes this line take the next step. With the Dolphins in cap troubles this offseason Williams will most likely be available.

The Bears will need to be comfortable enough paying someone coming off of a season-ending knee injury which is the big red flag with Williams at the moment. But if they can get past that expect Williams to sign a similar deal to the one the Bears gave Nate Davis last offseason.


With that being said the Bears should look to sign him and also look to draft a center in the draft as well. That way they can move Williams to guard if either Jankins or Davis goes down with injury.