5 teams most likely to trade up with Chicago Bears

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports
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For most fans, the idea of trading back is one of the best options for the Chicago Bears in the 2023 NFL draft. The team already traded back once, but a double dip could really infuse the roster with the talent needed, as well as potentially set them up with more future picks.

However, of course, trading means having an actual trade partner. Who are some teams that could end up calling the Bears, and what are the best-case scenarios?

5. Will the Washington Commanders call the Chicago Bears?

The Commanders are in an interesting spot when you consider the ownership status in flux. Will they be aggressive in making a trade, or will they rather sit back and let the new blood come in? That is why they are number five.

The reason they are on the list is that trading up makes sense for them. They just changed offensive coordinators, and with Eric Bienemy, the team could be looking to make a big move and start the transition. If any of the quarterbacks fall, Washington has to be in on them.

Beyond that, they have Charles Leno and Andrew Wylie as their tackles. They signed Wylie in free agency, but he could move inside, and beyond that, they do have a question at right guard. Do they view Peter Skoronski as one of the top players, and do they trade up and let the best five win out? Skoronski could make a case to start at three spots for Washington.

They could also view Paris Johnson as the long-term option, and save some money by moving Charles Leno, who is getting up there in age at 31 now. Chicago would not mind a move down to Washington because they pick 16. It gives them some flexibility to still take a top talent and does not push them too far down. At the same time, the return could be noteworthy for dropping seven spots.