5 teams most likely to trade up with Chicago Bears

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Houston Texans, Chicago Bears
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4. Will the Houston Texans move back into the top ten?

As the days go by the thought is getting stronger that the Houston Texans may not take a quarterback with the second pick of the 2023 NFL draft. That could benefit the Chicago Bears in a few ways. If a quarterback is on the board at nine, they have a lot more leverage than if all four go.

Beyond that, the Houston Texans passing at two still means they need a quarterback. They pick at 12 in this draft, a pick they got in the DeShaun Watson deal. So, do the Houston Texans pass on someone at two, knowing that if a guy falls to nine they could jump right back up and nab him?

It seems a bit counter productive, but this has been a legitimate rumor floated out there. Who are we to tell the Houston Texans what to do? This may be a bit lower because it does take a lot of belief that the Texans like someone enough to trade up for him, but not enough to just take him at two.

At the same time, if the Texans really do think like this, the Chicago Bears could get a haul from them, because their thoughts are off the wall. Speculation keeps mounting that this is on the table, and if so, the Chicago Bears have to try and strike.