5 teams most likely to trade up with Chicago Bears

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Pittsburgh Steelers, Chicago Bears
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2. The Pittsburgh Steelers have the most rumors to trade the Chicago Bears

If you are going based on the rumors and speculation, it is the Pittsburgh Steelers who may end up being the team that trades up into the top 10. The issue with the Steelers, or at least the difference in them is that they have a quarterback.

All of the other teams start swarming like sharks when a quarterback is there, and big picks can get exchanged. For the Steelers, the rumors are more about if four guys do go in the top eight. Then, the Steelers would be calling because they want one of the five best non-signal callers.

Is that Jalen Carter, who would be mentored under Cam Heyward, or Paris Johnson who would protect Kenny Pickett for years to come? Those appear to be the reasons Pittsburgh is calling around. Still, for the Steelers, they pick 17, and because it is not a quarterback, it is hard to see the future first get thrown out there.

Would the Chicago Bears want to move back eight spots for a couple of seconds? They would rather move back two more spots to Tampa Bay for a future first if a quarterback is there. That will be interesting to see how it plays out, and it impacts the Steelers.