5 things that are still true despite the Chicago Bears win over the Washington Commanders

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Chicago Bears, DJ Moore
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3. The Chicago Bears still do not have a wide receiver after D.J. Moore to trust

D.J. Moore is everything that fans wanted when they traded for him and then some. He has been dominant and may be the best Chicago Bears receiver when all is said and done. However, one thing he did not do was improve the room. The thought was that the ripple effect would make the rest of the room better.

Some of it is because Chase Claypool is a head case, and Darnell Mooney is still working back from a bad injury last year. Equanimous St. Brown left the game on Thursday early as well. Still, after D.J. Moore was Cole Kmet, who had 42 yards, and then Robert Tonyan with 10 yards. No other Bears receiver made a play.

Yes, Darnell Mooney was open and was missed by a poor pass, but that was the only time you can remember seeing his number. He was not involved. It is good that Moore has brought this level of explosion to the Bears, but the good defenses can center in on him. Can Cole Kmet win games, or are they just going to win against teams with no cornerbacks?