5 things that are still true despite the Chicago Bears win over the Washington Commanders

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Minnesota Vikings v Carolina Panthers, Bryce Young
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2. The Chicago Bears still have the Carolina Panthers pick

The Chicago Bears won, and some fans may be annoyed. If you want coaches fired, Justin Fields benched, and the fire to continue, tonight was not your night. However, the Chicago Bears are in the rare great spot for a bad team near the top of the draft order. Fans do not have to debate whether the wins hurt the draft status. They have the Carolina Panthers. So, they can win as many games as they want as long as the Panthers continue to lose.

Yes, the Chicago Bears may not pick first and second if they keep winning, but picking first and tenth is not that bad, either. Especially if that means that the Chicago Bears are going to win, and there can be some fun along the way.

This is a good situation to be in. Now, the Bears can root against the Panthers, and if they continue to lose, these wins do not hurt the team in any way. This is also why Fields has so much more to prove than your typical quarterback on a bad team.