5 things that are still true despite the Chicago Bears win over the Washington Commanders

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Green Bay Packers v Chicago Bears, Luke Getsy, Matt Eberflus
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1. The Chicago Bears still cannot trust Luke Getsy, or Matt Eberflus

The Chicago Bears put up 40 points. Luke Getsy rolled his quarterback out, drew up designed runs, and got D.J. Moore in the right matchups. He even adjusted his personnel. Matt Eberflus drew up some blitzes, changed up a few packages, and moved some guys around.

Both of them showed things that were needed in this game. Both have not done enough to change the tone of where they stand. As we noted, the defense had too many moments where it looked like they were losing it. Too many times, they missed tackles and let Sam Howell get away for a few yards. They are still undisciplined.

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The defense struggled to protect the lead, and the offense got flat with the lead. It was awkward because all of their running backs were injured, but up 27-11, and up 30-20 the offense got too stagnant until the Commanders were pushing up against them. Then, Getsy kicked it back in. After blowing a lead to the Broncos last week, you would think that Getsy would have learned to play with a lead better. He did not. So, the Bears beat Washington, but until they can prove they can play with a lead better these two should remain on the hotseat.