3 under-the-radar Chicago Bears with immense opportunity in preseason week 2

One, rookie, one journeyman veteran coming off major injuries, and a second-year player will all get the most snaps of their NFL careers this weekend

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greg Stroman, chicago bears

2. Can Greg Stroman steal a roster spot?

Greg Stroman is an interesting name to watch rise up the depth chart. He started off as a practice squad member last year, but this year he is really pushing to make the team. In 2018, he had a strong year for Washington, but 2019-2021 were filled with injuries. He spent 2022 just staying healthy, and adapting to the Chicago Bears scheme. Now, in 2023, he is a sleeper to make the team.

The big thing that Stroman has going for him is that he can play the slot. Kyler Gordon will start in the slot, but he has been the best player in camp and only played ten snaps last week. He may not even play this weekend. That would open the door so wide for Greg Stroman to get immense work.

Josh Blackwell was and is the backup slot, but Blackwell was and is banged up. He is not going to play this weekend, making it two straight weeks he has been out. With Blackwell out, Stroman has stepped in to be the backup slot cornerback.

Stroman played 27 snaps last week, all of them in the slot. He played well and has shown the continued ascent from last season. Now, he has a shot to lock it down. Macon Clark was the only slot who played after Stroman, and he will not make the roster. If the Bears wanted, Stroman could play the first three quarters or nearly a full game.

The combination of his rise and the fall of Blackwell has made this interesting. This week will show us plenty.