3 under-the-radar Chicago Bears with immense opportunity in preseason week 2

One, rookie, one journeyman veteran coming off major injuries, and a second-year player will all get the most snaps of their NFL careers this weekend

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1. The Chicago Bears should play Tyson Bagent a ton in preseason week two

The Chicago Bears already announced that Justin Fields will sit the second preseason game. Fields only played seven snaps in the preseason opener, but that does open more chances to play for Tyson Bagent. When looking at the roster, the team would be wise to play Bagent more.

The Chicago Bears played Fields for seven snaps, PJ Walker for seven snaps, and then Nathan Peterman got 16 snaps with Bagent finishing up with 17. You would assume the team wants to see Walker in an extended role since he will make it as the backup. However, that would be the first quarter, and maybe a bit into the second. He would probably be done by the two-minute drill before halftime.

The Chicago Bears could play Bagent in the two-minute drill if they felt strong. However, they could also play Peterman in that high-leverage spot and then have him lead the team out. These are two areas where Bagent may be best to watch a veteran anyway. Then, from the second drive of the third quarter through the end of the game, Bagent should throw as many passes as he likes.

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The Bears would be wise to give him at least a full quarter of action, and he should leave this game with the most experience of his career. This will be a huge moment.