3 underrated values on Chicago Bears roster

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Chicago Bears, DJ Moore
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2. D.J. Moore is on a bargain contract for the Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears traded for D.J. Moore in a deal that involved the first overall pick, so it is hard to say that he is flying too far under the radar. However, there is a chance that Moore is a way better player and also a way better deal than most realize.

First, A.J. Brown was more well-known coming into his trade, but D.J. Moore is not far off from him statistically. Say what you want about Ryan Tannehill, he is not elite, but Moore had similar stats with worse quarterback play.

Beyond that, he happens to be a perfect scheme fit for Justin Fields. Moore is elite at the deep ball, but he never had a quarterback who could make it happen. Now he does. So, Moore could be a top 10-15 wide receiver in the NFL moving forward. He is not going to be paid like that.

The Chicago Bears are actually eating the biggest cap hit this season, then his cap hits start to drop in the next couple of seasons. When you add in his cap hit dropping, and the rookies and other players getting new deals, he is not going to be one of the 20 highest-paid wideouts by the time his contract is up.

First, not many people view Moore as the big name wideout that he is and can be. Beyond that, there is almost no doubt that he will be a value based on his contract. That is not a bad deal, and it makes a trade with massive implications still fly under the radar.