Undrafted rookie predicted to push veteran off the Bears roster in training camp

Drama in Lake Forrest!
Chicago Bears Rookie Minicamp
Chicago Bears Rookie Minicamp / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

Do you hear that? It's the sound of 53-MAN ROSTER PROJECTIONS off in the distance. But they're getting closer. With every passing day, beat reporters are putting together their lists of predictions, observations, and clickable headlines. Training camp is almost here.

And if you poke around long enough, you can find some 53-man projections already out there, ripe for aggregation. For instance, NBC Sports Chicago's latest dropped this week, and it's a doozy. And when I say doozy, I mean it's pretty straight forward minus a few notable moments. The fine folks at NBC Sports Chicago did, however, find a fun little camp battle allllllll the way down the roster. This comes from Bears beat writer Josh Schrock.

UDFA predicted to push veteran off the Bears roster in training camp

Defensive line (8): Montez Sweat, Gervon Dexter, Andrew Billings, DeMarcus Walker, Austin Booker, Zacch Pickens, Jacob Martin, Keith Randolph Jr.

"The Bears' defensive line is still thin. It's reasonable to expect them to add another reliable rusher by training camp, with old friend Yannick Ngakoue appearing to be the top option ... On the interior, I'm going to give the final spot to undrafted rookie Keith Randolph Jr. The Bears need another body at defensive tackle, and Randolph might be their best option.

Dominique Robinson will enter camp on the bubble and must show significant improvement to make the 53."

Drama! Intrigue! Thank god that Hard Knocks will be there for it all. The Bears' defensive line figures to be one of the more curious position battles of camp this year, if only because it's going to be wholly underwhelming for 95% of the time. At least it's not a QB battle? Thank you, NBC Sports Chicago, for giving the most annoying Bears fan you know the opportunity to sound like they've studied the roster so deeply that their most interesting talking point is about rotational defensive linemen. Stay tuned for a deep dive into swing tackle free agent options.