What value does Roschon Johnson bring the Chicago Bears vs the Las Vegas Raiders?

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The Chicago Bears may be without rookie running back Roschon Johnson for a second straight game. It looks like he is having a hard time getting out of the concussion protocol, which is a serious issue, and he needs to be given the proper time to recover. At the same time, it is obviously hurting the team.

The Chicago Bears pass protection cost them against the Minnesota Vikings

D'Onta Foreman actually ran well, and it is hard to say that Johnson would have been much better there. Foreman had 15 rushes for 65 yards in the loss to the Vikings and a 60% success rate. Johnson had a 48% success rate entering the game and had 25 carries for 122 yards.

Still, one of the big areas where the team did miss Johnson was pass protection. The Bears drafted him because he was NFL-ready in this area. He beat out Travis Homer and Foreman rather quickly because of this skill. Last week, the Bears had to lean on D'onta Foreman and Darrynton Evans.

They had 13 pass block opportunities and allowed four pressures. Foreman was a consistent issue in pass protection on just eight snaps. Some of the stunts and blitzes that he failed to pick up were major players in the Chicago Bears losing this game and Justin Fields getting banged up.

Roschon Johnson has 14 pass protection snaps and allowed two pressures. Even the rookie has not been perfect, but he has been much better than what the Bears had last week. This week, the team will need extra help because Maxx Crosby will be screaming off of the edge in this game.

For some good news, the Bears are expected to have Travis Homer back. Homer was signed because he can be a solid passing down back, both as a pass catcher and a protector. The Bears will try to limit the snaps that Foreman has to block as much as possible, and Homer may end up surprising some fans with how often he plays.

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The Bears really need to get Roschon Johnson back so that they do not have to mix the backs up so much and give off tells as to what play will be run.