3 Washington Commanders players that can be attacked by the Chicago Bears in week 5

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When the Chicago Bears take on the Washington Commanders, they will be underdogs, but this will be a game that could be winnable if the Bears can play up to their potential. The Bears are not some stacked team on paper, but Washington has not been strong either, despite having two more wins.

There are matchups that the Bears could attack to win this game. How would that happen?

3. The Chicago Bears should test the Washington Commanders rookie cornerback

The Washington Commanders drafted Emmanuel Forbes high in the first round. It was a questionable decision if only because he lacked weight and was a bit thin to take on NFL wide receivers. While that has been an issue, another issue with Forbes has been giving up the deep ball.

Even against Devonta Smith, he was outmuscled on a deep pass, and many receivers have beaten him this year. He did fine in week one, but in week two, he lost matchups to Marvin Mims and Courtland Sutton. Stefon Diggs got the best of him in week three, and he looked weak against Smith and A.J. Brown.

Now, he ranks second in the NFL in yards allowed amongst cornerbacks. Damarri Mathis of the Broncos is third in yards allowed, and we saw that the Chicago Bears were able to attack him.

Kendall Fuller is the opposite of Forbes, and while he has been the better of the two, he is not nearly as good as Patrick Surtain. D.J. Moore not only beat Mathis, but he also got the best of Surtain as well. The Bears have to attack Forbes, but they also should see that Moore can beat both Fuller and Forbes in this game.