3 Washington Commanders players that can be attacked by the Chicago Bears in week 5

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Buffalo Bills v Washington Commanders, Cody Barton
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2. The Chicago Bears have to attack the Washington Commanders linebackers

One weak line of the Washington Commanders' defense is their linebacker play. They drafted Jamin Davis in the first round a few years ago, and he has not lived up to expectations. He plays fast and physically and has athletic traits, but he is a bull in a china shop and too often is lost.

That is why the Commanders have Cody Barton play the MIKE role and wear the green dot. He is their top linebacker, but he has been a liability this year. He has been taken advantage of in coverage, and quarterbacks have done a great job scrambling against Washington.

Russell Wilson, Jalen Hurts, and Josh Allen all had a few key scrambles where the Commanders linebackers were too slow to keep up. Justin Fields can match these players with athletic ability as a scrambler, and he has to make the Commanders' defense pay in this area.

More than that, the Commanders have played tight ends well, but you have to wonder if it is a lack of teams testing them there as much as it is the skill of the Commanders' defense. Neither of these linebackers should feel comfortable if Cole Kmet is matched up with them, and the Chicago Bears must attack this matchup if that is the case.