3 ways the Chicago Bears lost the Chase Claypool trade

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Chicago Bears v Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Chase Claypool
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2. Chase Claypool hurt the Chicago Bears when he played for them

The Chicago Bears helped the Pittsburgh Steelers in a big way. They gave them a top receiver and a rookie cornerback who will play on the outside. In return, they got next to nothing. Chase Claypool was awful for the Chicago Bears. In ten games, he had 18 catches for 191 yards, about 1.8 catches for 19 yards per game.

He could not get on the same page as the rest of the offense, and it made the life of the offensive coordinator harder because he had to change the playbook to get one guy involved, even though the. Ten others were not having the same problem.

Worse than that, he missed so many off-season practices with small injuries despite the time on the field, with his teammates supposedly being the thing that set him back. He did not personify the HITS principle, and in week one, he was called out for his effort and hustle. The Chicago Bears passed on Pickens because they were afraid of his character to fit in the locker room, but the locker room saw Claypool miss practice, slack on the field, and still suit up. What message did that send?

The best thing that the Bears did was tell him to go home so that they did not have to deal with the issues he was bringing on and off of the field. He actively made the team worse.