Chicago Bears 2024 NFL Draft: First-Round Draft Pick Tracker (Week 10)

We keep tabs on both the Chicago Bears and the Carolina Panthers each week to determine where the Bears will be picking in the first round of the 2024 NFL Draft.
Chicago Bears, NFL Draft
Chicago Bears, NFL Draft / Tom Pennington/GettyImages

The Chicago Bears finished the 2022 season with the worst record in football. Personally, I felt like the team was at least a six-win team despite only being victorious in three. The Bears found themselves 1-7 in one-score games. Any of those could have flipped the other way. That said, the losing continued into the 2023 season. At least until recently. It was nearly a year since this franchise finished with a W. Now, the team has won three of their last six. With each win, the Chicago Bears find themselves falling further down the 2024 NFL Draft board, but they also hold the Panthers' pick.

Each week, we will update the 2024 NFL Draft board to determine which picks in the first round the Bears own. Remember, the Bears own the Panthers' first-round pick in 2024 after trading the top pick in 2023. Feel free to fan any way you want, but personally, I am all for this team continuing to win games. I was hoping the Panthers would go winless, but unfortunately, they squeaked out a win over the Texans last week. That win changed things drastically for the Chicago Bears.

Tracking the Chicago Bears 1st-round picks in the 2024 NFL Draft

The Chicago Bears took care of business on Thursday Night Football against the Carolina Panthers. Chicago would have been in a solid spot for the 2024 NFL Draft whether they won or lost this game. However, a win over the Panthers helps their chances of landing the first-overall pick. That's how things stand at the moment as the Chicago Bears match their three-win total from 2023 and keep the Panthers with only one victory. The Cardinals saw Kyler Murray come back and lead them to a last-minute victory as well, meaning the Panthers are at the bottom again, giving the Bears the top pick.

2024 NFL Draft Order (First-Round, Top 10)

1. Carolina Panthers (Bears Pick)
2. New York Giants
3. New England Patriots
4. Arizona Cardinals
5. Chicago Bears
6. Green Bay Packers
7. Los Angeles Rams
8. Tennessee Titans
9. Atlanta Falcons
10. Washington Commanders

There was some major shuffling among the top five picks between Week 9 and Week 10. The Cardinals winning dropped them from the top spot down to fourth. They are now one of three teams with only two wins. Due to tie-breakers, the Giants and the Patriots dropped to second and third, but these two teams play each other in Week 11 and one is guaranteed a victory. Chicago dropped back from third to fifth with their win over the Panthers, but again, that's probably the best long-term outcome.


Don't look now, but the Packers are still sitting with three wins and in sixth. Let's hope they don't find a way to land one of Drake Maye or Caleb Williams. I prefer watching the team struggle with Jordan Love. Landing that top spot in the draft with the Panthers' first-round pick would be ideal. It means the Chicago Bears can learn to win with a young team while still landing the top pick. Holding that pick could mean a new quarterback, a massive haul in a trade back, or maybe even Marvin Harrison, Jr. -- although, Harrison going first overall seems highly unlikely.