What should Ryan Poles and the Chicago Bears do this off-season with the quarterback

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I have been arguing way too much with the Chicago Bears Twitter community. I apologize for that. It is frustrating when the answer is right in front of us all. If Justin Fields is the answer, we won't have to ask the question by the time the season ends. That is a fact from one of his biggest followers since high school. I told you all that Justin Fields would become the next generation of Russell Wilson. I still believe he has that talent in him, but I failed to see that his big play ability is the only thing he would be successful with at the NFL level.

Matt Eberflus did fail Fields. Eberflus was stuck wanting an offense that he struggled with as an NFL play-caller. In theory, that made sense, but passing up on better-qualified candidates to run an NFL offense because he didn't know how to stop the Shannahan offense is a joke at the end of the day. Eberflus had a lot to learn, as much as Justin Fields. That combination has yet to work out for the Chicago Bears. The Chicago Bears organization isn't bad; they just love to disturb the insanity gods repeatedly.

Ryan Poles needs to break that cycle. Instead of moving on from Justin Fields completely, they need to keep him. Don't get mad, Justin Fields haters. I am not siding with putting more weapons around Fields and seeing what happens, either. The Chicago Bears made multiple mistakes for a long time. Trade or release the quarterback they hoped would be the savior and sign Mike Glennon or Andy Dalton. Stop doing that. Keep Justin Fields and draft a quarterback. You don't have to use it with your first draft pick; you can wait for the next one unless you are convinced he is the man.

According to his second in command, Ryan Pace (not Poles) wanted Glennon to play long enough to fix Trubisky's flaws. Well, guess what? Instead, he played, and his flaws are aiding the Steelers to their first losing season in Mike Tomlins history. Hopefully, that doesn't happen. Pace took another chance and wanted to do the same with Andy Dalton for Justin Fields. All that did was bring out the running dawg in Fields. Keep Justin Fields and draft a quarterback. At this point, I don't care who it is. Caleb Williams needs to grow up a bit. Drake Maye has potential, but something seems off. Jayden Daniels and Bo Nix turned their careers around, but is it real? Can Micheal Pinx Jr stay healthy? Is McCarthy the real deal or a product of a great head coach?

You already know; I'll tell you more about them later. Many can yell at me and say that it is stupid not to trade Fields and get the draft capital, but what if he does become that guy? This build will go into another year unless you are trying to win a championship next year. Sorry, not sorry. The quarterback position has to get figured out. Guessing on a rookie without a backup plan is the same stuff the Bears have been doing. They need Fields to compete against another passer than Tyson Bagent.

dark. Next. The Justin Fields argument over Trubisky. The Justin Fields argument over Trubisky

Ryan Poles needs to continue to build the roster, and whoever wins between Fields, Bagent, and a rookie plays. Don't force anybody to play; let the best player win. Between Justin Fields almost being the guy when he is hot and Tyson Bagent being a more decisive passer and a rookie, The Chicago Bears should come away with a sure starting NFL quarterback that nobody has to guess about. I know, Luke Getsy... That is for another day. This is what Ryan Poles must do this offseason to change the ground day events that we have seen take place since... forever.