What a trade for pick No. 9 could look like for the Chicago Bears

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The simple trade back

Bears, Rome Odunze
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The Bears might find themselves in a spot where the top three projected players that are slated to go to them at pick nine are all gone. Tight end Brock Bowers, wideout Rome Odunze, and tackle Joe Alt could all go before the Bears pick again at nine and GM Ryan Poles elects to try and add more picks.

If the three previously mentioned players are all gone it would probably be smart for Poles to trade back as opposed to over-drafting someone like Dallas Turner, Laiatu Latu, Olu Fashanu, and others.

Depending on how far the Bears are willing to move back will determine how much they will be getting back in return. Like when the Bears had the 9th pick last year moving back one spot with the Eagles only netting them a fourth-rounder. Teams from pick 14-22 could all net the Bears a possible first-rounder in next year's draft while still moving back in the first.

Most likely the Bears would end up with a swap of firsts well getting a second-rounder and an additional mid-round pick.

The QB-Needy Teams trading up

Everyone is talking about who the Bears could trade the number 1 overall pick to but the Bears could have just as many teams trying for pick number 9. Picks 11-14 all have teams that could and will most likely be looking to get their new signal caller.

Vikings, Broncos, Raiders, Saints, Seahawks, and Steelers could all look to go after J.J. McCarthy who is projected to still be there at pick 9.

Teams like the Steelers, Seahawks, and Saints are more of a stretch but the possibility is still there. However, the three-team tandem of the Vikings, Broncos, and Raiders could all get interesting. The Bears won't trade to the Vikings unless they overpay, but the Broncos and Raiders could get spicy. They are both teams that need a QB and have decent rosters already and want to get the advantage over the other.


Expect if the Raiders and Broncos start bidding to get pick 9 for the price to include a first-rounder next year plus a second and either a third or fourth this year. The price would also strongly go up if the Bears have a player like Bowers or Odunze still on the board.