When is the Chicago Bears' bye week in 2024, and how will it impact the season?

Chicago Bears Rookie Minicamp
Chicago Bears Rookie Minicamp / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

The 2024 NFL schedule has been fully released and the Chicago Bears have a fairly favorable schedule. They don't face a single NFC North opponent until week 11 against the Packers. This allows the Bears to get some momentum heading into those games.

The bye week can significantly benefit a team, as its timing is crucial. Players have emphasized the importance of the bye week for rest, recovery, and getting mentally prepared for the upcoming games. In fact, some players have even suggested adding an extra bye week when discussing the possibility of extending the season by a game.

When is the Chicago Bears' Bye Week?

The Bears' bye week is in week 7 this year. A week 7 bye is earlier than most teams' byes this year, as only 8 teams have earlier byes. Although having a bye right in the middle of the season is usually preferable as it splits the season up, an earlier bye may favor the Bears this year.

The Bears' bye week in week 7 comes at an opportune time this year, as the Bears play in London in week 6. This will allow the players and staff to return from London and have extra time to recover. Having this additional recovery time is important, as the time difference can significantly affect adjusting back to the normal routine.

Having the early bye could also be a big downside as it means they will go on a stretch of 11 games with no off days. It's crucial for the players to stay healthy and fresh during this period. Having depth on the team will be important, and hopefully, Ryan Poles has done enough in that aspect so they can rotate players to stay fresh or have the next man up ready in case of injuries.

It is no secret that the Bears are hopeful to make the playoffs this year. They have a much-improved roster and an all-new coaching staff. If they can stay healthy throughout the year then they can turn some heads.