Which Chicago Bears 2024 NFL Draft prospects have the best NFL comp via ESPN?

Though the 2024 NFL Draft is still months away, ESPN announced the NFL comps they have for specific players. Which future Chicago Bears pick comps best?

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Chicago Bears, Caleb Williams, Aaron Rodgers

NFL Comp No. 1: Caleb Williams comp'd to Aaron Rodgers

As the potential No. 1 pick in the NFL draft, the Chicago Bears have all but selected Caleb Williams. Or so the experts say. If ESPN is correct in their comp of Caleb Williams, the Bears could be drafting a version of the big, bad Aaron Rodgers from Green Bay.

Now, according to ESPN, the Chicago Bears get their future Hall of Famer at quarterback. Comparing Caleb Williams to Aaron Rodgers is a bold claim, but there are similarities between the two.

For starters, one of their closest comparisons is the speed they can let the ball fly out of their hand. Both quarterbacks can seemingly toss a football 30+ yards with just a flick of the wrist, and it's wildly impressive.

Another way they're similar is their ability to manipulate a pocket into being clean enough for them.

Both quarterbacks, Caleb Williams, and Aaron Rodgers, have an ability to dance around in a pocket while keeping their eyes downfield for a big play. Williams can be a victim of playing to this strength more than he might need to, but watching the two quarterbacks manipulate pockets looks eerily similar.

Though this NFL comp is lofty, it'd be hard to argue that Chicago Bears fans wouldn't be all over the idea of having an Aaron Rodgers-type as their next quarterback.