Which Chicago Bears 2024 NFL Draft prospects have the best NFL comp via ESPN?

Though the 2024 NFL Draft is still months away, ESPN announced the NFL comps they have for specific players. Which future Chicago Bears pick comps best?

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NFL Comp No. 5: Drake Maye comp'd to Justin Herbert

Drake Maye is seen as the possible QB1 prospect this season, though, the consensus is that Maye is the QB2 behind Caleb Williams. The Chicago Bears could be interested in the UNC quarterback again, though, Williams appears to be the choice if they take a QB.

As for ESPN's NFL comp, Drake Maye gets Justin Herbert.

Visibly speaking, it's clear as to why these two get compared to each other so frequently. Maye has the same big arm, the same big build, and plays a similar style of football. They also both wear No. 10 and played in a uniform with light blue in it.

One part of his game, however, that differs from Herbert's is Drake Maye's rushing ability. In Maye's 30 games at UNC, he accumlated 1,209 rushing yards. In Herbert's 40 NFL games, he has 911 rushing yards. So, sure, the two QBs run, but Drake Maye is more of a scrambler than he's given credit for.

If the Chicago Bears don't love Caleb Williams, a more mobile Justin Herbert wouldn't be a bad consolation prize.