Which Chicago Bears 2024 NFL Draft prospects have the best NFL comp via ESPN?

Though the 2024 NFL Draft is still months away, ESPN announced the NFL comps they have for specific players. Which future Chicago Bears pick comps best?

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NFL Comp No. 6: Joe Alt comp'd to Andrew Thomas

Joe Alt from Notre Dame is considered one of the top offensive tackles in this draft, and if the Chicago Bears feel the need to upgrade from Braxton Jones, this would surely be an upgrade.

However, I'll always say this when talking about NFL comps: Offensive linemen aren't the players to do NFL comps for.

From what I've seen, offensive linemen only ever get comp'd to Hall of Fame-level linemen, or their favorite/least favorite offensive lineman based on whether the evaluator likes the prospect or not.

Offensive line is a position that doesn't live in the spotlight, so the knowledge of these players isn't as obvious as that for a skill position. It's also a position that relies the most on the team surrounding that player, specifically the coach and their scheme.

If— for example— the best pass-blocking tackle goes to a run-heavy team like the Dolphins or Ravens, their legacy could be seen as lesser. The team that drafted him, due to their scheme, didn't allow this prospect to continue doing what they did best prior to the NFL.

The same could be said about most positions, but the impact the team drafting offensive linemen has on their legacy is the largest of all positions in football. Okay, maybe quarterback, but even a quarterback can be seen as a sensational player even if they're on a bad team. If an incredible offensive lineman lands on a poor team, their being amazing on their own doesn't do much for their legacy.

As for this Joe Alt comp, sure. It works. The Chicago Bears would be happy to have an Andrew Thomas opposite of Darnell Wright. But, the comp isn't all that and a bag of chips.