Which Chicago Bears 2024 NFL Draft prospects have the best NFL comp via ESPN?

Though the 2024 NFL Draft is still months away, ESPN announced the NFL comps they have for specific players. Which future Chicago Bears pick comps best?

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NFL Comp No. 8: Brock Bowers comp'd to George Kittle

Brock Bowers is a draft prospect who's been touted as one of the best tight end prospects to ever walk the earth. The Chicago Bears could draft him with the No. 9 pick, however, it might not be their best option.

If the top three receivers are off the board at this point, Bowers could be an option, and if he lives up to the ESPN comp he got, that wouldn't be too bad.

The main issue with this is that George Kittle is an animal in the blocking game. Not to discredit his receiving skills, as those are top-tier, but his blocking might be the best part of Kittle's game. If an NFL team needed him to step in as an offensive tackle, Kittle would probably do so, with a laugh.

Now, that's not to say Bowers can't block. He can, and he's actually a very physical blocker. But is he going to be used a blocker more times than a receiver? Not at his likely draft position.


If the Chicago Bears could get their own receiver-heavy George Kittle, however, that wouldn't be a bad idea at all.