Which Chicago Bears were losers from Week 17 vs. Falcons?

The Chicago Bears beat the Falcons in sure fashion during their last home game of the year, coming away with a convincing 37-17 win. The win was great, but there are still losers even in such a strong overall performance.

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The Chicago Bears gave the home fans one of their best performances of the year during their 37-17 win against the Atlanta Falcons. In the few days since the game, fans have been raving about how well the team is playing and how many players are developing into potential future stars.

Everything has been very good for both the team and fans lately. After a disastrous start to the year, the Bears are playing competitive and functional football once again. Still, a couple of areas of negativity have to be noted each week. The good thing is this week's loser list is short and sweet. If only that could be the case every time.

Chicago Bears Week 17 Loser No. 1: Fans of the tank and drafting a quarterback

The way the draft order is right now has the Bears for sure at the top spot with most likely their own pick coming at number ten. The Bears will have the opportunity to draft anyone they want at the top spot which means the chance at highly touted Caleb Williams. They also have the chance to trade down and build out the rest of the team while raking in more assets.

Their win against the Falcons sets their own pick way out of the top five, which is a letdown to those who basked at the idea of owning the first two picks in the draft. Many fans wanted the Bears to stop winning games since they were most likely not going to make the playoffs because they had already set their hearts on the draft.

The team has played hard and put winning in front of everything as of late, which is important for a developing team. While Ryan Poles and Matt Eberflus could have tried to fold over and opt to bench some starters to protect their draft spot, they wanted to develop this into a winning organization. They sacrificed their own pick to play meaningful football, and it worked out because they still have the top pick in the draft.

Chicago Bears Week 17 Loser No. 2: Tyler Scott

While there have been flashes from Tyler Scott in his rookie year, he did not show as much as many fans and coaches pegged him for. He has struggled with drops throughout the year, and as of recently, he has stood out for the wrong reasons in a bit bigger of a role.

Scott will surely have an important role on the team next year, especially if Darnell Mooney is not retained. He will have to sure up his hands because he can run a route and has shown flashes of his explosiveness as well. His dropped touchdown late in the game was a scarce down in a game full of ups. Scott surely will be looking to hit the Jugs machine this offseason.

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This week was a refreshing reminder of what this Bears team can look like when they put everything together. Sure there are always downs, but nothing this week really stood out for the wrong reasons. A win against the Packers to close this season could really have a huge effect on the way this offseason goes, especially in the draft.