Which Chicago Bears were losers in Week 15 vs. Browns?

The Chicago Bears lost in laughable fashion after another fourth quarter lead evaporated with poor play down the stretch. This type of loss stings and effectively ends any hopes of a playoff berth. There were lots of areas that failed in this game.

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Chicago Bears Week 15 Loser No. 3: Trent Taylor

Trent Taylor is on this team for one reason and one reason only: to safely field and return punts. Velus Jones struggled so much in that role that the Bears used a roster spot for Taylor to be a designated punt returner. Taylor has been adequate in that role all season, but he had two muffs against the Browns, with one being recovered by the defense.

Tyler Scott is still an option to be a punt returner as well as Velus Jones being a worst-case scenario option as well. At this point, it is not likely the Bears will cut Taylor, but if he fails at the one job he has to do, he brings no value to this team. He does not do much as a receiver on offense nor does he do much as a gadget player. If he continues to have any struggles at all, he will be losing his role with this team.

Chicago Bears Week 15 Loser No. 4: Luke Getsy

Robert Tonyan definitely deserves a quick shoutout for his horrible drop that cost the Bears a sure touchdown. Still, Luke Getsy was a bigger loser because he folded once again against a good defense. His terrible critical-down play calls and lack of competency when it comes to scoring in the red zone continue to haunt this team and hold back the offense.

The narrative continues to be true that outside of the scripted plays, Getsy cannot adjust to what a defense is doing and create advantageous matchups and plays to keep an offense moving. In a game where the pocket was messy all day, the fact that they barely got Fields out of the pocket unless it was a scramble made it way too easy for the Browns. It is likely that Getsy gets fired in the offseason, and many would say he should not even survive until then. He just is not cutting it right now, and his calls have kept the team from coming out with important wins as of late.

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The Chicago Bears continue to suffer from a lot of the same problems, and many of the same suspects continue to appear on the wrong list. There will be some big decisions that could be made a lot easier if these things continue to happen.