Which Chicago Bears were losers from Week 6 vs. Vikings?

The Chicago Bulls came back down to Earth in a grit and grind divisional matchup against the Minnesota Vikings. They looked a lot more like the Bears of Weeks 1-4 as some of the same bad habits reappeared.

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The Chicago Bears could not pull off a surprising comeback at the hands of D-II undrafted free agent Tyson Bagent against the Minnesota Vikings at home in their Week 6 matchup. The final score was 19-13 as both teams slugged it out to the finish. It reminded fans of the classic NFC North rivalry matchups which are usually defensively led and low-scoring.

The Chicago Bears' offense could not cash in on a strong performance from the defense.

For the Bears, their offense took many steps back after showing great signs over the last two games. While the Vikings have not been a good defensive group, they actually are one of the worst types of defenses for the Bears to go against because of how many different things they use to beat you. Brian Flores has done a great job in changing coverages and cleverly utilizing blitzes, and that was on full display against the Bears.

Chicago Bears Week 6 Loser No. 1: Justin Fields

Unfortunately, Justin Fields lands back on the losers list because he could not continue his streak of improved play over the last two games. Getting hurt and not being able to adjust in the second half also hurt his case. Being 6/10 passing for 58 yards and a pick with no touchdowns after a half and some change is bound to land you on the losers list in general, but the main reason he is here is that it was disappointing to see the inconsistencies that people question about him.

Everyone is asking if Fields could build off his improvements in each of the last two games. They need to see him do it against a defense that is not last or second to last in the league. Fields looked very uncomfortable all day against the Vikings and just could not get any rhythm going. Obviously, the pick was not his fault as he was hit as he threw, but some of the other flaws were on display tonight.

He missed a couple of open players again on key third downs and also took a long time to get rid of the ball. The offensive line struggled to pick up the Viking pass rush, but Fields also failed to recognize where the blitzes would be coming from to adjust protection. He needs to be better at the line of scrimmage if he wants to keep his offense on the field more often and also stay healthy by taking fewer hits.

The hard part for Fields is if he is not a superstar quarterback consistently everyone seems to be calling for his head. That is because the Bears are very likely to get the number one pick in the draft, and with the talent at quarterback in this year's draft, even outside Caleb Williams, if the Bears are not completely sure Fields is the guy they will probably move on. In a dream world, Fields shows he is the franchise quarterback, and the Bears can trade down to acquire a haul of assets. With games like this, it makes that reality less likely.

Now he might miss some time with a thumb injury depending on how the MRI results look come Monday. Tyson Bagent also made some plays to show they might be able to sit Fields for a game or two if it needs time to heal. Whenever Fields gets back out there, he needs to start showing consistency and improving his weaknesses. Too many bad showings against even middle-tier defenses have really hurt his case.