Which Chicago Bears were losers from Week 6 vs. Vikings?

The Chicago Bulls came back down to Earth in a grit and grind divisional matchup against the Minnesota Vikings. They looked a lot more like the Bears of Weeks 1-4 as some of the same bad habits reappeared.

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Chicago Bears, Cody Whitehair
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Chicago Bears Week 6 Loser No. 2: Cody Whitehair

The plan going into this season was to have Cody Whitehair move back to center once again. He played center to start his career for the Bears, then moved to right guard, then back to center, then back to right guard. Yes, he has bounced back and forth quite a bit. He is a versatile player and a good leader on the line, so the thought of him at center was not too worrisome going into this year.

An injury to his snapping hand forced the Bears to move him back to right guard and start Lucas Patrick at center. Patrick is outmatched as a blocker and once Teven Jenkins came back the Bears clearly wanted Whitehair to be the man in the middle, but he was benched against the Vikings because he has so much trouble snapping the ball.

This is an issue that dates back to his past career at center and one of the reasons he has moved to guard many times. He struggles to hit the quarterback in the slot when he is snapping to the shotgun, and it not only causes turnovers but also stalls drives when Fields has to dive on a ball or throw out the play because he had to make a miraculous adjustment to catch the snap.

Whitehair is a much better blocker than Lucas Patrick, but the Bears absolutely cannot worry about whether the snap will be clean or not. There are enough problems with this offense this year. Having two or three botched snaps each game will certainly not help things. It will be interesting to see if Whitehair gets back at center next week or if he moves back to guard, especially if Nate Davis misses time.