Which Chicago Bears were winners in Week 18 vs. Packers?

There was little to be happy about from the way the Chicago Bears closed out their season against the Green Bay Packers. It was a game that showed the worst of the team that had been playing so well, but a few players continue to contribute even when the rest of the team does not.

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Chicago Bears Week 18 Winner No. 3: DJ Moore

While the rest of the offense struggled, DJ Moore still was able to show up for the Bears. While he did not have his best game against the Packers, he still was the only reliable player on offense and the only target who was able to find some space against the Packers' secondary. Once again, Moore proves he is an elite playmaker who will only get better if there are other pieces put in to compliment him.

Chicago Bears, DJ Moore
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Moore finished the day with four catches for 64 yards, with a long of 33 yards. That production does not scream "winner," but considering no other receiver even had close to 50 yards receiving it shows what little Moore could squeeze out of the gameplan. Luke Getsy once again failed to utilize Moore enough. The Bears barely threw the ball and when they did there was no rhythm to the offense, so the Fields and Moore connection could not heat up.

It has been a common theme this season that if DJ Moore does not get fed the offense does not do much. He has been the most valuable offensive player this year not just for his stats but for the consistency he brings. Even in terrible offensive efforts he shows and proves what he is to this team.

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The Chicago Bears got a few bright lights to shine amongst a dark ending to the season. With so many players and coaches going into the offseason on a sour note, these key players should be praised for their final performances and their great play over the recent stretch.