Who is Shane Waldron and what should Bears fans know about their new offensive coordinator?

And how different will the Bears' offense look next season?

Cleveland Browns v Seattle Seahawks
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How Waldron's Offenses Have Done

In the three years that Waldron's been the OC in Seattle, here's how the Seahawks of ranked league wide in some major offensive stats:

2021 with Russell Wilson: 31st in Passing Attempts, 23rd in Passing Yards, 10th in Passing TDs, 14th in Net Yards/Attempt

2022 with Geno Smith: 15th in Passing Attempts, 11th in Passing Yards, 4th in Passing TDs, 10th in Net Yards/Attempt

2023 with Geno Smith: 17th in Passing Attempts, 14th in Passing Yards, 20th in Passing TDs, 11th in Net Yards/Attempt

While those four stats alone obviously don't tell the whole story, his results in Seattle have been a bit of a mixed bag. He leaves the Seahawks with a mixed reputation -- at least among fans, which isn't always a super-accurate barometer of ability -- but has a strong history of getting production from guys like Smith, Drew Lock, and Jared Goff. He comes to a Chicago team that had just about the worst passing offense in football last season, so anything's an improvement.